About Us

Type7 is co-founded by Vishakha and Jatin, both lovers of all things design. We strive to create beautiful art work by combining typography, pattern and colour, thereby re-imagining everyday objects with our designs, making them unique & fun.

- About Vishakha -

With an education in visual communication from one of the best design schools, Vishakha is the creative force behind Type7. She is obsessed with design and even more so with Typography.

- About Jatin -

Leveraging his experience and an M.B.A., Jatin handles the business side of things at Type7. He is a compulsive organiser, ensuring that there is method to the madness.

How did you guys come up with a name like Type7?

A font consists of mainly three elements; the Typeface (for eg.: Arial, Calibri, etc.), the size (for eg.: 7, 10 etc.), and the weight (for eg.: Bold, Light etc.). Taking inspiration from the above we created the brand name Type7 (7 being the birthday of the co-founders).