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Article: 7 Reasons to Use a Paper Planner

7 Reasons to Use a Paper Planner

7 Reasons to Use a Paper Planner

  • Improved Memory

Several studies show that writing down on paper helps you in remembering things better. When you have several notes, to-dos and tasks to complete, then putting pen to paper is the best way to remember and get things done.
  • No Distracting Notifications

An average smartphone user receives around 50 notifications per day, which leads to unnecessary distractions. A paper planner does not send annoying notifications, thereby allowing you to stay focused on your tasks.
  • Helps with Stress & Anxiety

Have you found yourself with so many things to do on a weekday morning, that you don’t even know where to start. Writing down your to-do list and tasks, helps you in managing your day better, thereby keeping you away from feeling overwhelmed.
  • Establish Boundaries

You can keep your paper planner with you only for as long as you want it, and keep it aside when you want to unwind and enjoy a well-earned rest. On the other hand, a smartphone with notifications, is hard to ignore and keep away.
  • Enhanced Creativity

Apart from writing things done, you can also doodle and draw in your paper planner. This allows you to get creative and gives you flexibility in the way you want to use your planner.
  • Engages Your Brain

As you write down each word, it helps in engaging your brain better as compared to typing on any keypad. This helps in stimulating your thoughts and actions.
  • Better Comprehension

With the flexibility and benefits provided by a paper planner as stated above, you also have to opportunity to develop your vocabulary and comprehension over a period of time.

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